This paper presents the design of a single use disposable compliant surgical tooltip for a tele-operated surgical robot. The proposed design aims at mitigating bio-fouling of surgical tools. By implementing a monolithic design for surgical tooltip, the cleaning and sterilization processes needed after every surgery for traditional surgical robotic tools is considerably simplified. The proposed design has 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) with a modified serpentine joint for enhanced buckling strength and off-axis stiffness. A magnetic force based coupling is proposed as a means of transferring power through a hermetic barrier to maneuver the tooltip. The tooltip is thus coupled through a hermetically sealed tool shaft preventing biological material from entering the tool shaft. By having a pluggable tooltip, modularity is also achieved by interchangeable tooltip instead of replacing the whole tool during surgery. A prototype of the proposed design is developed and its functional performance is validated. Owing to the magnetic nexus which forms the magnetic coupling, the tool is named MagNex.