Android Go in India?

25 Jul 2017

The article is about my take on how the market reaction might be for the announced launch of Android Go. This article was originally written in Medium and can be found here.

Google has announced its all-new Andriod Go recently. Should we be excited about it? Well, definitely. Google has finally realised that the experience of Android its building is not the same on all the phones. Especially for the low-end phones filled up with tonnes of manufacturers bloatware, a reduced burden from the OS is a huge relief. The most interesting part is to see how the market responds to these phones. Though the OS is tweaked for performance on low-end hardware, Google still leaves the option of installing the Go apps vs conventional Google apps like YouTube, Gmail etc. which is a great thing. I think in a market like India it’s very difficult to convince the mass consumer segment to opt for something different than usual. Especially something branded as “for cheap and low-end phones”. One reason might probably be due to the typical FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), that someone would miss out on something that would usually come with any other “normal” Android even though one might not know what that is. This market has already seen the rise and fall of the Tata Nano. The low sales of the car can be arguably be attributed to the bad marketing strategy of naming it the “poor man’s car”. In the same perspective, having Android Go might indirectly qualify the phone to be low ended among other phones of the same price range and might put it in a disadvantageous situation. But I like the fact that Google is trying to fix the low-end phone experience and hope it keeps its promise.